About Us


Urban Chalet is a boutique design and project management based in San Francisco. Our firm is a collective of design professionals whose diverse backgrounds and experiences converge to create and execute well thought out designs based on our clients’ vision.

Our services encompass:

  • Interior and exterior design
  • Architectural finish and materials specifications
  • Lighting plans and fixture specification
  • Landscape and hardscape site design
  • Custom furniture, millwork and cabinetry design
  • Project management and owner representation
  • Company branding integration and custom signage
  • Real estate staging, merchandising and display
  • Sales office and model unit design

Our Clients


Our clients utilize all or some of our skill set as our services can encompass all phases of a project – from design schematic to design development to project management, or anywhere in between. Our project management process allows our company to deliver a high level of one-on-one customer service and fosters highly creative, client tailored designs.

Our diversified client list includes homeowners, residential developers, real estate brokerage firms, concierge medical offices, restaurants and bars, retail boutiques, and corporate offices.

We are extremely knowledgeable both in design and construction project management, and are very responsive to our clients’ needs. We currently design and manage over 25 projects annually, with budgets ranging from $10 thousand to $45 million.

We service a national clientele, with previous project locations including: San Francisco & the East, North and South Bay Area communities, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Breckenridge, Park City, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, and Maui. International locations include Vancouver (Canada), Nevis West Indies (Caribbean), Sao Paolo and Florianopolis (Brazil).

Design Schematic

  • Identify Goals, Desires and Project Scope
  • Establish Budget, Functionality and Aesthetic Parameters
  • Draft Existing Floor Plan in AutoCAD
  • Create and Present Proposed Space and Floor Plan Options
  • Commence Materials, Finishes and Specification Selections

Design Development

  • Develop and Focus Proposed Space and Floor Plan
  • Draft Key Elevations
  • Create Boards, Renderings, 3D Models, and Material Specifications
  • Refine Budget and Initiate Value Engineering of Proposed Design
  • Establish and Finalize Designs, Floor Plan, Materials, Finishes, Furniture and Fixtures

Construction & Project Management

  • Distribute Final Bid Set Materials and Construction Documents
  • Expedite and Represent Filing of Building Permits
  • Review Competitive Bids, Benchmark Costs, and Formalize Budget
  • Advance Value Engineering
  • On and Off-Site Construction Project Management and Client Advocacy

Installation & Relationship Management

  • Overseeing Installation of Furniture, Artwork, and Custom Millwork
  • Overseeing Installation of Signage, Marketing Materials, Real Estate Staging Items, and Displays
  • Managing the Budget Close-Out and Reconciliation
  • Delivering Any and All Supporting Documentation for the Project to the Client
  • Assisting the Client for Any Future Needs, Including Additional Projects, Furnishings and Artwork Updates, Project Maintenance, Etc.

Additional Client Services

  • Custom Product, Furniture & Lighting Design
  • Landscape Design and Installation Project Management
  • Drapery and Custom Window Coverings
  • Art and Area Rug Procurement
  • Residence and Living Standard Maintenance and Operation